Membership Payment

The 2021 Annual Dues Coupon attached to your letter indicates the appropriate amount for your dues based on where you live in the neighborhood. However, if you do not have that available, please refer to the following:

$145: For those households directly on Paper Mill Road and south to the Chattahoochee River.

$85: For households located north of Paper Mill Road (including homes on streets off of Paper Mill Road, but north of it, homes along & off Woodlawn Road, and homes along & off Powers Road)

Use the form below to submit your payment online. Based on your address location, select the appropriate “Dues amount” from the drop down menu, click on “Add to Cart” and submit payment. Enter your name and street address. When the PayPal screen appears and the transaction is submitted, indicate any changes to your phone or email. 

For online donations to the McFarlane Park (Cobb Land Trust), please consider adding an additional 3% to cover processing fees. Click on the Donate button for McFarlane Park (CLT) donations.

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